Dance Around the World

Dance Around the World. 


It's amazing how dance can help each individual and every culture to love externally. Pure love for our traditional dance enables us as humans to connect and understand that we are all equal. It is the power of peace and acceptance that we then learn new life experiences from those around us. 

EXPLORE the language and world of dance! The best way to develop a greater and passionate love for dance is to step out and learn from different cultures and styles. 

* Cambodian traditional dance consists of elaborated costumes and performed in the spirit of prayer. 


Children engaging in the spirit of the Pow Wow. It is the Native American's way of coming together to share stories through dance and singing to create relationships between families. 

By looking closer into these beautiful communities and acknowledging the many deep and meaningful reasons as to why people are loyal and dedicated to their own beliefs of dance can widen our own appreciation of this art. 


* The Hawaiian Hula was originally performed for the volcano goddess and was performed to poetic chants. 

Without sharing our experiences and stories of cultural dancing, we as a nation would not have grown wiser and more creative in this art of dance. Be grateful for the expressions of the Tango, Swing, Indigenous dance, the lively movement of Cha Cha, Salsa and Samba. Each has a different part to COLOUR THIS EARTH.

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