Active Nation Day.



On the last Sunday of September, 27th, 2015 is a day dedicated to put your individual health first, consider Active Living to be #1 priority. 

Lorna Jane was the creator of this energetic day in 2012 and it was established to inspire women, families and cities to live a moving and active lifestyle. This is a solution in order to decrease our Worldwide obesity that is now more than doubled since 1980. 

This day is important to reconnect with your inner health and exercise and does not have to be a boring and draining day.
It is done in a fun and encouraging environment along with a society of women. 

'Let your actions speak louder than words and inspire others to move towards a fitter future' - Lorna Jane.

It is easy to get involved as there are hosted events all around the world open for everyone to join and to have some fun. 

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to sign up or get more information at

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