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Careers within Dancing. 

Dancing all your life, training to become the stage performer everyone wants you to be, but there has been a change in destination or journey... Performing is consistent hard work and a lot of determination, however injuries may get in the way. Your dancing career does not have to end when you walk off that stage, dancing offers many big and exciting careers, jobs and DREAMS. 

'Dance Australia' magazine has inspired this article to give those young dancers more and new options in their next dancing chapter. They have interviewed experts in different areas of exercise and dance. Here is a list of careers that may fall into your journey; 

Choreography - Creative minds and thinking can get you a long way as a choreographer. It's not just the stage productions that need a choreographer but TV, Movies, Fashion Shows, Commercials & Theatre. 

Teaching - Obvious right... but it's the biggest option available and you are able to share the fun and love for this art with young growing children. You can teach within private schools, build your own studio, teach at universities or specialist coach for particular styles.

It doesn't stop there... Ever come across a highly experienced Teacher/ Syllabus designer? Christine Walsh is an ex principle dancer of Australian Ballet in 1989 but has extended her work and career to designing her own program and assessment for Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Philippines schools. 

Physiotherapy - As a dancer and being very involved with the working body and muscles, you are already trained and understand how important careful treatment is for injuries. 
Undertaking a university degree or TAFE course in exercise science, biochemistry or bio-mechanics will aid in our physiotherapists journey. Looking for something with more relaxing, like yoga or Pilates that will help improve dance fitness and recovery & might just be for you to help others excel in their dancing career. 

Dancewear - Now everyone needs to dance in comfortable and fitted leotards, tights, & shoes!! You understand what works best in dance clothing and are always looking for the longer lasting tights & beautiful tutus!! Dancewear brands such as 'Energetiks' & 'Capezio' were originally created by former dancers. You can become apart of a dancewear retail team, get involved with manufactures or design your own dance name. 

Ron Fung, Australian distributor of Sansha Pointe Shoe, brought something new to the pointe shoe industry after being an international performer. He now designs many different pointe shoe styles to fit everybody's needs. 

Arts & Events Management Like to be in control and are excellent at time management and organising? This area of the arts field is the very backbone of putting dance shows together. By simply completing an events course at TAFE you are on your way to help manage arts festivals, educational institutions and administer theatre productions. Competitions and Eisteddfods need big and new event ideas that are behind the scenes and behind the stage curtains. 

Remember, when leaving school or have come to a new chapter, there is not just the one road to be apart of the dance life.... There are many exciting and different opportunities for you to extend your knowledge and explore. 

Dream big Xx

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