Barre Work

            Ballet Barre Exercise Trend

Ballet Barres is the new exercise trend. Barre workouts seem to be the 2015 exercise regime. This ancient but simple tool is an essential for dancers from beginners to professionals as it aids in a full body warm-up stretch, gains and maintains ankle and core strength.

Studios have now incorporated specific barre classes allowing non dancers and mothers to experience the benefits of this exercise that dancers get to experience every week. 

Benefit ONE: It's an all-rounder body workout. Kicking off the fat while enjoying the music and dance aspect to the workout. Bottom shaping and muscle toning, calf raises and core strengthening is an included bonus from Barre work aiding in weight loss. 

Benefit TWO: Again, GREAT for your health as it increases blood flow through the body reducing any risks of injury. While stretching and increasing your flexibility, this produces muscle relaxation. A lot of Barre classes now incorporate yoga basics and Pilate moves enhancing the workout. 

(Photo: Flybarre)
(Photo - Flybarre)

Benefit THREE: Everyone wants to lower their stress levels right? Barre work requires breathing control and focus on the bodies movement and position which centers the body and reduces stress levels for everyone. Not only just lowering stress levels but mood improvement and sleep improvement. 

Dancer's will always stick by Barre work from the young tiny tots to mummys. 

Ancient yet simply tool for all. 

All our Love Xx

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