National Dance Day

National Dance Day 
* 25th July, 2015

Each year, the last Saturday of July is National Dance Day which is celebrated by countries world wide holding many events to encourage dance as a healthy and fit way of life. It helps to educate the generations of obesity and this day allows for everyone to have a chance at embracing their inner dance within a positive and fun community. 

It all originated from the US in 2010 by 'So You Think You Can Dance' teamed up with the foundation of Dizzy Feet. Nigel Lythgoe created this foundation with a mission to support, fund and educate those who lived in a low income area of the US about dancing as a benefit to life. Scholarships and dance programs have been provided for determined, talented dancers. 

Get involved with National Dance Day by holding your own event and raise funds for a charity. Check out Dizzy Feet Foundation website to learn more  

Happy Dancing Everyone Xx

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