To all my gorgeous dancers

To all my gorgeous dancers out there, 

In a world that is constantly comparing us to them and them to us, it is easy to join in with the voice of justification. Constantly comparing yourself to those around. Whose the strongest? Whose turns are the best? Turn out? Jumps? Flexibility? Grace? Musicality? The list never ends.

Don't get me wrong, healthy competition is fine, it will even bring out the best in you when you know its down to you and your decision to bring your finest to the floor no matter what! But, when that need to win at all costs outweighs your dignity and behaviour towards your fellow peers then we need to stop and ask ourselves, what's it for? Am I dancing because I love it, I love the joy and colour it brings to an otherwise grey world or do I need this win to feel whole? 

Dancers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. And ethical inheritance does not determine body shape or dance ability. Stereotypes are incredibly inaccurate and can be very hurtful. It is everyone's responsibility to be aware and to educate themselves - so that you can respect everybody, regardless of whether you agree with them. Australia is very diverse, and home to more than 200 different cultures. Some of these cultures are more reserved and private (not all dancers are comfortable changing costumes in front of each other), some have dietary preference that you are not used to (comments do not need to be made). Every culture and ethnicity are individual and are just as valid as each other.

I believe each and everyone of you are created to just be you. With your strengths and even your weaknesses, just as a flower brings beauty, colour and perfume to this world. A bouquet of flowers however brings delight to all who is honoured to be given such a gift, as the combination of individual flowers placed together creates an overwhelming statement of beauty in all its glory. 

Please precious ones, don't compare yourself to each other any more than you need to. Speak encouragement to each other. Demonstrate grace for You are all wonderfully unique. When you see that you will then be free to appreciate others uniqueness.

Harmony day is the 21 March, and celebrates the cultures within our society and the freedom we have to all live together in peace. Purpose celebrated on the 21 March to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. So, to my beautiful dancers, remember, you are all here for the same reason; the same passion. So respect each other, as you'd want to be respected.
All my love xx

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