Competition season

Competition Season

The fun and exciting season of dance is just around the corner. This is the time to show off the talent you and your dance team have been working hard for. There is a lot of preparation to go into eisteddfods, hours of practicing and hours behind the scenes getting costumes spic and spam for the spot light. 

One thing that is commonly left to the last minute is make-up preparation. Ordinary daily make-up is not going to cut it for the hours wearing it on stage. A dancer's make-up wants to be longer lasting and noticeable. It is well worth it for the competition season to invest in the right quality make-up to eliminate time touching up. When building your make-up kit, you'll want to look for 
           BOLD & BRIGHT  
colours. Also double up on mascara, eyeliners or even lipstick. You'll be surprised how much mascara you go through. 

Dancing for hours all day, all weekend at these competitions can be tiring and exhausting for little bodies. The costumes and dance routines are important but not nearly as important as your health and nutrition. A big breakfast full of protein and fruit will help fuel your muscles for the day ahead. Remembering to keep up the hydration with water through out day. Snacks can be tricky, as you don't want to be feeling heavy for the next dance. Bananas & apples or carrot sticks can help keep you full as well as nuts and popcorn. Your body has worked all day and what better way to finish off the day with one of mums delicious dinner recipes. 

Hope to see you all ready and full of energy for the competition season. 

Happy Dancing Xx

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