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Dancers or dance mums or even the society can be full of questions that haven't been answered before. Dance in general can be confusing and stereotyped. Here are some answers for those newly introduced to dance or just have a common question.

1. Q: Do you call male ballet dancers Ballerinas?

A: Ballerina is the Italian term for female ballet dancer, where as for males in Italian is 'Ballerino' meaning dancing master. The French also have a different title for the male ballet dancers, 'Danseur'. 

2. Q: How long do pointe shoes last?

A: The time frame for a pointe shoe depends on the students foot shape, the students timetable and how often they are practicing. A younger dancer who is dancing twice a week will most likely grow out of their pointe shoes before wearing them out. It will also come down to how well the dancers are looking after the shoes by airing them out after each use.  

3. Q: How do you break in pointe shoes?

A: The best way to break in new pointe shoes is to go through demi pointe up onto full pointe allowing the box to weaken. Raises in first position will also help strengthen the ankles and muscles needed for beginners. 

4. Q: Classical or Contemporary Dance? What is the difference?

A: There is certainly a difference between the two dance styles. Classical Ballet is known for its 'set rules' and unique technique. It incorporates pointe work, turn outs and extensions. Where as Contemporary dance is not as strict to body alignments and has a wide range of free movement. It combines classical dance with flexed feet and hands as well as floor work.

Hope these answer any of your long over due questions.. Please ask us if you have any more questions about anything dance Xx

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