What's Your Style?!

The LOOK... 

Being able to express your style through dance can feel so free with no rules, with just you and the music. So when you finally get that freedom of free dress for a day or even a week, you want to be able to express your style with dance-wear (clothes suitable for movement and the genre). 

It can get frustrating when you don't have a back up outfit for these surprise fun free dress days. So we are here to help give you some tips on styling your look but also within the recommendations of your school, A.K.A. Simple, Comfortable, Warm.

#TipOne. Keep It Simple. 
Nothing worst than trying to dance in clothes that have too much fabric, that are falling off the shoulder and getting in the way of your free movement and style. We suggest to keep it simple, to keep it to two pieces of items, either a nicely fitted crop top WITH high waisted tights or loose fitted shorts, depending on your preferred style. 

#TipTwo. Dress For Comfort.

Most of you dance for hours at a time in the afternoons, during the day and WEEKENDS.... be kind to yourself and dress comfortably, our feet cop enough beating during the day. Toss on a flow singlet or over sized t shirt to add the comfortable look with your style. 

#TipThree. Warmth Is Key.
We all have heard the safety rules on how to keep our muscles warm to reduce injury. Well warmth can be stylish too. Think of those bright colours you can wear with new leg warmers or a gorgeous knitted shrug. Add some funky toe socks to your warm up look. 

As a dance-wear store we hope we can help with any styles and looks you are wanting to create, and we would love to see your unique freestyle LOOK! 

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2017 Showtime Dancewear, QLD. 


  1. While Practice, As much as we feel comfortable in outfits we focus more on our performance. In my opinion a leotard or halter top and high waisted tight.

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