False Meaning


Media; Facebook, TV News, Tumblr... all network connections are great to interact with old, current and new friends but how much of it is enough??

False Meaning
Non-verbal language is a big part of our daily communication, conveying different meanings and gestures. 90% of our face-to-face conversations are made up of non-verbal cues. Each person interprets language differently and without the pitch or tone of the voice, without the hand movement or posture we may misunderstand an important message. The realworld is where meaningful relationships are formed.

When using social media, a lot of punctuation is left out, making it easier for a false sense of communication. Today's society is made up of many culture aspects and the culture barriers can greatly influence a difficult conversation. As the new generation we need to take in consideration the meaning of our messages we are putting out through media.

False Advertising
Photo-shopped images, false dietary tips and beauty forced expectations are all negative influences on the mind. How much is enough social media each day and when does it effect you the most?!  

Our sleep is precious and for the young ones they need more hours for growth. Right before bed time is when our minds are exhausted and will wander into many traps of the expectations of society. The busy news feed of the media and news around the world impacts the amount of sleep for children and teens. Lynette Vernon, a researcher of the Youth Activity Participation Study (YAPS) of Western Australia found "poor sleep can result in students feeling tired, moody and feelings of sadness and declines in long-term wellbeing" (2015). This does depend on the involvement of the children on social media. 

We are encouraging a healthy news feed, a healthy time limit of media and focusing on the positive advertisements of our community. Getting the kids out for a walk with friends where they can use their verbal and non-verbal language accurately. Let's put into practise healthy decisions to respect the social media we have today.

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