Attracting your Dreams

Attracting your Dreams!

Summer is over and still have not accomplished that vegetable garden, nor did you nail the double pirouette turn in the holidays. No need to bash yourself up over it just because of one date in your diary. Setting goals and working towards your dreams do not always run smoothly and there are bound to be obstacles. That's the beauty about it. SO WHAT the days are getting shorter? You are one step closer to achieving your goals just by creating or planning your dreams. Why stop now?? 
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2016 has introduced itself quickly and is well and truly making history. January is a warm up, February is a tester and now we are mentally prepared to make 2016 a year you can say I now eat freshly picked tomatoes from my very own backyard or I can now land a triple pirouette turn. But it all comes down to YOU! 
Life is not luck or fate, but more so life is the Law of Attraction (Lynn Grabhorn, 2004). What you put out through thought, feelings and action, you will receive the same. Put out positive thoughts, happy feelings and give love to others and you will feel happier and more energetic and will receive abundance of love from great people around you. If you  Pirouette Boywant to be successful in landing these pirouette turns you are dreaming of, you must THINK big, FEEL the muscles in your legs work and PRACTICE in every room you enter. All this dreams are accomplished by having a strong positive feeling. You are not going to get through one pirouette with ‘I am too sore today’, or ‘I've tried but…. ‘. Your negative beliefs will take over. Turn it around with ‘I am strong in my legs today’ and those legs will whip you around till the very last turn. You are simply attracting your dreams.
Toxic words lead to toxic magnetic attractions (DR. Catherine Leaf, 'Toxic Thoughts'). Mental health plays a major role within sports, whether it is a team or individual sport. The powerful mind can either make or break an athlete. Don’t let these powerful toxic or negative thoughts drive you further away from your goals. Smile every time you practice, lift your chin every time you fall and just because you’re not where you want to be yet does not mean you won’t get there.

THINK big, FEEL your dreams coming true, and PRACTICE and take action towards your goals. Xx

Happy Dancing!

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