Pointe strengthening

Pointe Strength and Balance

Pointe doesn't come easily and naturally. 
A lot of practice, time and strength occurs behind the scenes of a professional pointe dancer. 

BUT... With one simple material, ankle strength and core balance can be improved and achieved. The elastic exercise band is used in multiple ways to target different body areas and different techniques for dancer. Here are a few to try and practice at home.

These exercises will be most effective if they are performed slowly and with control. 

a). Starting with the band over the ball of your foot with extra band at the top to ensure the toes are covered at the flexed point. 

b). Holding the band tight with resistance, slowly and gradually go through the motions to a pointed foot. 

c). The toes should be when the foot is fully pointed and not crunched over. 

d). Now reverse those steps with control and in a steady motion. & REPEAT 5-10 each foot. 

For more ankle and foot strength exercises - 

Being strong in the legs as well as the feet is just as important for jumps, leaps and landing.
This little exercise encourages the core to work and improves balanced coordination. All you need is a pole, table, or barre to knot the exercise band around for resistance. 

a). Placing the band around the furthest leg making this your working leg targeting the adductor and abductor muscle and knot the other end to a table leg. 

b). The band should be stretched from behind the body. Standing parallel and now slowly lift the leg up into the air and lowering with control.

C). This exercise continues onto the other side by turning around and the working leg becomes closest to the table. & REPEAT 5-10 times each leg. 

Extra balance exercises head to this link-  http://thedancebuzz.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/thera-bands-for-dancers-improve-balance.html

Resistance exercise bands are easily accessible from in store or online at Showtime Dancewear. http://www.showtimedancewear.com.au/accessories/bunheads-exercise-bands.html

Little practice will make a big difference when it comes to performance and technique. Don't give up on those beautiful feet and strong legs. 
Happy Dancing Xx 

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