Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to step back and take a break. 

This is especially true for dancers. There is school all day, then straight to dancing, then home to do homework and then its bed time. For many of us, this happens 5 days a week, plus rehearsals on Saturdays. We have very little time to take for ourselves to relax and recoup.  It is so important for your body to take time out to relieve strain on both our body and mind. We can see and feel the effect on our body but often we forget about how tired our mind can get from running around all day, every day. School is mentally draining with its facts and figures and this is due here and that has to be done by that date, And it’s the same in your dance classes. Remember tummy in, posture up, pull your thighs up, hold your head high, pointe your feet, turn out your legs. I’m already overwhelmed and I haven’t even mentioned remembering the routines.

Every now and again, it’s a good idea to take 10 or 15 minutes out (try at least 3 times this week) and without any interruptions, simply relax. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  •  Read a book
  •  Take a bath, light some candles even (get parents’ permission for lighting candles)
  • Sit in a tree/swing/seat outdoors and listen to some happy, feel-good music
  • Are you artistic? Paint a picture
  • Are words your medium, write a story.
  • Journaling is always a good idea, even if you don’t particularly enjoy writing. I write lists in my journal of everything that is annoying me, overwhelming me, or just simply stuck in my head. You can draw pictures in your journal. You can buy a wreck-it journal  (
  • Rent a movie (or a series if your timetable will allow the time). Go to the movies, with someone you don’t always see every day.
  • Give yourselves a mani (maybe pedi, depending on school and dancing constraints). Though manicures don’t always have to involve nail polish. If nail polish is a no-go, work on your cuticles, hand massage and shaping of your nails instead with maybe a clear coat of nail polish. Youtube is a great place for ideas.

Tell us what you enjoying doing to relax!