Holidays are coming...

It's ok, holidays are coming...

Ok so term 2 is nearly over and I bet all you dancers are getting pretty sore, tired and ready for a break. Your bodies might be under a bit of pressure from intensive dancing in preparation for upcoming exams and eisteddfods, so you need to make sure you looking after body in every possible way.

As your feet are doing a lot of work, when you come home from dancing of a night massage your feet and give them a good rest. Here is a link for tips and trick about foot care.

Now all those back bend and walk over can make your back cramp a little, So to release some tension in your back do a few of these stretches found in the following link.

Fueling your body is very important so in this link you will find how to make a Super Smoothie, which is great for a ‘pick me up’ when you’re on the go.

Last of all make sure you are getting a good night sleep! Studies show that a good night's sleep improves learning, helps you pay attention, make decisions, be creative and that when your body does most of its recovery and repair.