Simple and Chic

Simple and Chic

Going out for dinner, a date or seeing the ballet? 
This look is a perfect for any occasion. 

The Winged Eyeliner 

Using a black liquid liner, gently draw a line across your lash line starting from the top inner corner of your eye toward the outer corner of your eye, then continue to extend the line out to where you want the wing to finish.

Make sure you follow the natural shape of your eye as close to the root of your eye lashes as possible. The firmer you press the brush, the thicker the line will be.

After you have applied the eyeliner to both eyes, compare the liner on each eye making sure they are even. It may take a little practice to get them both even. So if they aren't even, simply take a cotton tip and lightly drag along the line to make it symmetrical to the other eye.
Don’t forget to add a little mascara!!

Lining your Lips

The key to achieving any bold lip is to hydrate your lips. Cracked and peeling lips will make your lipstick blotchy, which we don’t want!

Outlining your lips will keep the colour from running, make it last longer and also make your lips look fuller. 

Your lip liner should be the same or similar colour to your lipstick. Apply it to the edges of your lips following your natural lip line, then continue to fill in the rest of the lip. If you want your lips to appear a little bigger simply extend the line just slightly outside of your natural lip line.

The Lippy

To get perfect lips use a lip brush, you will have much more control over where the lipstick goes. (especially cause red is a tricky colour)

Start in the middle of your lip and move out to the corners. Then, take a tissue and dab it between your lips. When the excess has been removed, reapply for maximum colour. (this will help it last longer as well) 

Colour those cheeks

Add a little bit of blush onto your cheek bones preferably a natural looking colour.

You can dress this look up or down. For a cute, casual look wear a simple summer dress and your favorite flats. Or if you’re going to a really fancy restaurant or to see the ballet, wear a elegant gown and matching heels of course!

Have fun and good luck ! xx

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