Fab Abs!

Fabulous Ab's !

Dancers require strong core muscles, not only to help execute the steps but also to protect the lower back as weak abdominal muscles can lead to low back vulnerabilities.

Sit-up and crunches are popular ab exercises however they can put stress on the neck or back. An alternative exercise to sit-ups is the Plank.

Plank exercise:

1. Starting in the push up position is the easiest way to get into the plank.

2. Lower both your forearms to the ground so that both your elbows and fists are flat to the ground, and directly underneath your shoulders.

3. Curl your toes under. Straighten your body but keep your neck and spine neutral. Imagine that you’re a plank of wood, and that you’re straight as an arrow.

4. Engage your abdominal muscles and squeeze your glutes. These are the two major muscle groups you’ll be working out in this exercise.

5. Hold this position, for at least 30- 60 seconds, rest, and then go for another 30-60 seconds. Keep your eyes on the floor in front of you. Avoid raising your behind. Your body should make a straight line from your heels to the back of your head.

Another really good exercise to strengthen you abdominal muscles is Crisscross.

Crisscross exercise:

1. Lie on your back with your hands layered, palm over palm, behind your lifted head and with your knees bent tightly into your chest.

2. Inhale slowly and twist your torso to the left until your right elbow connects with your left knee, straightening your right leg forward and holding it a few inches above the floor. Curl the chin and shoulders off the floor up to the base of the shoulder blades.

3. Exhale with control and twist to the right, connecting your left elbow to your right knee and 
extending your left leg. Continue alternating sides. Complete  

There are many more exercises you can do to improve you core strength you can it up online or even book a few Pilates classes to make sure you are doing it with the correct technique. 

Good Luck and Happy Dancing!

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