Dancer's Tips and Tricks: The Perfect Bun

The Perfect  Bun

The Bun Enhancer is a great tool to use to quickly and easily throw your hair up into a bun. It only takes 6 steps and is very similar to the Bun Doughnut. Instead of wasting time fiddling with pins and bun covers, the Bun Enhancer does the job and is extremely versatile (Look for the steps down below!) Want a clean smooth bun for your ballet classes, simply twist the Enhancer tighter. Need a loose stylish bun for that Jazz routine or night out with the girl? Leave the twisting looser.
Step 1: Pull your hair back securely into a pony tail, at the height you want your bun to sit
Step 2: Open the gap in the Bun Enhancer and pull your hair through and close the gap tightly.
Step 3: Lift both ends of the enhancer and slide it through your hair until it reaches the end (but don’t pull to far or you’ll pull it off!)
Step 4: When it’s at the end of your hair, hold both ends, and twist it downwards until you reach your scalp
Step 5: Twist the ends of the Bun Enhancer into a round shape, adjusting as you need.
Step 6: Even the distribution of your hair around the Enhancer until you can’t see the Enhancer and you are happy with how it looks. Bobby pin if there are loose strands.
You now have a fabulous bun that can be modified for all different occasions! Try braiding part of your hair and pulling it into a side bun for a shabby chic look or pull up high on the head for a more sleek appearance. Most importantly, chuck it in your dance bag for those days when there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do your hair before class!

(The Bun Enhancers are available from Showtime in Blonde and Brown)

Here an awesome video to help if you’re having any troubles!